At times, hotel staff may be asked about their opinions of some topic, such as a good place to go shopping or the what they think of a particular tour company. The situation may also occur when a staff may want a guest’s opinion about something, such as the quality of service at the hotel or whether a particular shop had good prices for their merchandise . Look at the expression
below that can be used to give or elicit an opinion.

Expressions for opinions

Asking for opinions Giving opinions
What do you think of (…. The Night Club for live entertainment?) I think (… it’s one of the best places in town).
What is your opinion of (… the pizza at Pizza Hut?) In my opinion (…it’s not that good.)
What is your attitude toward (… all the recent development in Thailand?) My attitude toward that is ( … I think it’s being over done.)
Do you agree that (… Phuket is one of the best vacation spots in the world)? No, not really, (…it’s too hot most of the time).
Are you in favor of (… legalized gambling)? Yes, I am.
Do you oppose or favor (…a global currency)? I (…oppose it because…)

Dialogue- Opinions

Guest: What did you think of the Saxophone Restaurant in Patong?
Staff: If you like jazz, it’s a very good place and the food is pretty good.

Guest: In your opinion, do you think that my kids would like to go elephant trekking?
Staff: Well, most children seem to enjoy it.

Guest: Do you agree that Thailand should legalize gambling?
Staff: Actually I do, I think it would generate more tourist dollars and income for the government.

Staff: Even though Thai boxing is a Thai national sport, I personally think it’s savage and brutal.
Guest: Really, I kind of like it.

After expressing an opinion other people can either agree or disagree. Look at these expressions for
doing just that.

Expressions for agreeing and disagreeing

Agreeing Disagreeing
I think you’re right. I think you’re wrong about that.
I believe so too. I don’t believe so.)
I agree. I disagree.
I’ll go along with that. I can’t go along with that.
I concur. I beg to differ
I’m with you. We don’t see eye to eye on that.

Dialogue- Agreeing

Guest: I think Patong Beach is the best beach on the Island.
Staff: Personally, I prefer Surin Beach, it’s quieter usually.

Guest: I think my kids would really enjoy elephant trekking.
Staff: From what I’ve seen of them, I think they are a little old for that and would find it boring.

Guest: I think that Thailand should legalize gambling?
Staff: Actually I do too, I think it would generate more tourist dollars and a lot more income for the government.

Staff: Thai boxing is such a savage and brutal sport.
Guest: I don’t think it’s any worse than boxing.

Practice Activities
1. Pair Work
What are you and your partner’s opinions about these topics? Discuss them. Give detailed reasons
for your opinions.

The acting skills of Tom Hanks
The movie Titanic
Your partner’s hair style
The U.N.
The honesty of politicians in your country
Plays by Shakespeare
The death penalty
Exploration of space– worth while or not
Your partner’s attire
Using cell phones while driving
Your English teacher

2. Pair Work
Do you agree or disagree with your partner about the following topics? Discuss these topics with your partner and give reasons why you agree or disagree.

Watching golf is exciting
Governments should spend less money on social services
Watching too much TV is bad for a child’s mind
Tests are a poor method of assessing students acquired knowledge

3. Group Activity- develop a skit

Divide the class into groups of 2 or 3. Students work together to develop a skit that is grammatically correct about disagreeing about a controversial topic. Students should be strongly opposed in their opinions and express them with intense feelings. Once the skit is
developed, students present it to the teacher and the rest of class. The teacher judges the skit
based on grammar and language use, originality, and acting ability.

Take a survey

Survey members of the class and find out if they agree or disagree with the following items. To get more information, ask why they feel that way.


Name Agree Disagree
  Concurs with capital punishment
  Believes in corporal punishment
  Thinks Madonna’s performances are too sexy
  Believes most politicians are honest and hard working
  Thinks the Beatles where the greatest band ever
  Doesn’t like classical music
  Thinks asparagus is a great tasting vegetable
  Believes that college prepares students for the demands of the world of work
  Believes that college prepares students for the demands of the world of work
  Thinks that testing in school is an unfair assessment of student ability and knowledge
  Thinks that cells phones are the bane of western civilization
  Believes that prisons should be an institute for rehabilitation


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