Work Sheets- Instructions

Work Sheet 1- Giving Instructions

Put the steps for the following tasks in the correct order (1st, 2nd, 3rd,etc).

_____ Press the start button

_____ Place the bag inside the oven

_____ Listen carefully, when all kernels are popped, turn off the microwave

_____ Set the timer for 5 minutes

_____ Open door and remove bag carefully, it may be hot

_____ Remove the cooking bag from the wrapper

_____ Shut the microwave door

What is the task? _____________________________

_____ Press the brew button

_____ Put a disposable filter in place in the basket

_____ Put in the desired amount of grounds in the filter basket

_____ Place the pot into place

_____ Pour the water into the receptacle

_____ Plug in the appliance into the nearest electrical outlet

What is the task? ______________________________

Work Sheets- Instructions

Work Sheet 2, Giving Instructions
Match the appropriate responses with the questions by putting the correct number of the
question on the line.
1. How do I open this bag? ______ Yes, just put one cup of the grain in the cooker and add one half cup of water
and turn the cooker on.
2. What do I need to do to operate the safe? ______ Sure, open up the bag, put the bag in the microwave, then set the timer for
four minutes and turn it on.
3. How do I get connected to the Internet? ______ Move to a speaking where English is the native language.
4. Do you know how to make this popcorn? ______ Sure, first put the paper on the glass and close the lid, then enter the number of
copies you want and finally press start.
5. Is it easy to make rice? ______ Look for the Internet Explorer icon on the desk top and click it.
6. I can’t get the remote to work. ______ Look for a small slit on the top right hand corner of the bag and start tearing there.
7. Can you show me how to copy this? ______ One- put three scoops of your favorite flavor into a blender, two- add
about a third of a cup of milk, and three- turn on the blender.
8. How do you make sun tea? ______ First, select a four digit number as your code, then enter the numbers in
the new combination setting.
9. How can I dramatically improve my English ability? ______ Easy, fill a jug with water, put in a couple of tea, bags and place in the sun.
10. What are the steps in making a milk shake? ______ Well, you have to point it at the TV before it will work.

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