Most hotels offer their guests many facilities and amenities for their use and enjoyment. The facilities may include pools, sauna and steam room, a number of restaurants, a health center, tennis courts, putting greens, programs for children, a business center, etc. Throughout the course of the day a guest may ask a hotel employee about any one of them. Questions that guests
might have are: does the hotel have a particular facility, where it is located, when are it’s hours of operation, how much does it cost, do the facility staff speak English, etc.

Guests may also ask about facilities or places outside the hotel. Such places may be a diving school, an historical site to visit, a hot night club, or a panoramic vista. The list could be endless. The more knowledgeable hotel staff are about the local facilities and points of interest, the better
service they will be able to give to the guests.

Below are lists of various facilities and amenities or activities that guest may inquire about.

Restaurants Shopping Malls
Cafés Lounges
Scuba diving Snorkeling
Spas Saunas
Steam Rooms Island Tours
Conference Rooms Business Centers
Boat Charters Sea Kayaking
Golf Putting/chipping greens
Gift Shops Traditional Markets
Elephant Treks Nature treks
Swimming Pools Aquariums
Grocery Stores Gym/Fitness Centers
Squash Courts Tennis Courts
Zoos Children’s Programs
Museums Panoramic Vistas

Expressions about Hotel Facilities

Look at these examples of guests requests about facilities.

Question: Where can we (… see a good a good live band)?
Response: You might want to try (…The Saxophone Restaurant).

Question: I am looking for (… hot night club. Do you know of any)?
Response: Well, one of my favorite places is ( … The Pink Pony).

Question:Do you know where I can find (… fine jewelry)?
Response: You may enjoy shopping at (…The Diamond Shop).

Question: Could you recommend a (… good Italian restaurant)?
Response: I would highly recommend ( … Guido’s).

Question: Where’s a good place (… to see a movie)?
Response: Have you been to (…the cinema at Central Festival)?

Question: What is there to do (… here that is different)?
Response: What about a tour of (…James Bond Island)?

Dialogue- Hotel Facilities

Guest: We’re looking for a good restaurant for dinner?
Staff: What kind of food are you interested in?
Guest: Since we are in Thailand, we want to try Thai food.
Staff: The Thai Thai Restaurant is always a good choice.
Guest: Thank you very much. We’ll try it.

Guest: Could you recommend a place to take our kids? They’re getting bored at the beach.
Staff: There’s a movie theater in Phuket Town at Central Festival they might enjoy.
Guest: Well maybe. Is there anything else more exciting?
Staff: Lots of kids seem to have a great time at the Go-Cart track.
Guest: No way. That’s way too dangerous.
Staff: Have they ever ridden an elephant?
Guest: No, but is it safe?
Staff: Oh, absolutely. The elephants are well trained and the trainer leads the elephant along
the path. Riders are strapped into the seats with safety belts, just like in a car. And to be truthful, the rides are not that long- 30 minutes or so.
Guest: That sounds OK.

Guest: I need to check my e-mail. Is there an Internet café near here?
Staff: Certainly, sir. The Business Center at the hotel has Internet access.
Guest: Can I also surf the Internet there? I need to find some information for a meeting.
Staff: Absolutely sir.
Guest: Can I also save information to a disk or flash memory?
Staff: Of course.
Guest: Do you know what it cost?
Staff: To be honest sir, I don’t really know. But I’m sure it’s a nominal fee.
Guest: Ok, thank you.
Staff: My pleasure, sir.

Practice Activities for facilities and amenities
1. Role Play

Practice using the above expressions by role playing various situations with a partner- one partner taking the role of the guest and the other the role of the staff. Role play several situations, trying to use all of the expressions noted above. Use the situations listed below as ideas for what a guest might ask about.

A place for dinner- Thai and Western food
An outdoor adventure
A movie
A tour to a nearby island
A night club
Clothes Shopping
Souvenir shopping

2. Group Activity- Develop a skit

Divide the class into groups of 2 or 3. Students work together to develop a skit (that is grammatically correct) about guests asking about facilities and accommodations inside and outside the hotel. Once the skit is developed, students present it to the teacher and the rest of class. The teacher judges the skit based on grammar, language use, originality, and acting ability. Be creative and have fun! /p>

3. Whole Class Activity- First To Know

The teacher writes the following activities on the board the describes an activity. Students determine what the activity is by listening to the description. The first person to know the activity races to the board and circles the activity and puts in their initials in the circle. The student with the most initials wins.

Dancing Singing Riding an elephant
Snorkeling Scuba diving Parasailing
Dining Clothes shopping Visiting a zoo
Souvenir shopping Golf Squash
Surf the Internet Eat a light lunch Massage
Racing a small car Getting some sun Swimming

4. Discussion

Have a discussion about the facilities or accommodations at your hotel? Do guests asks for facilities or accommodations that the hotel does not provide? What are they? What action do the staff take- do they recommend other places? What is the quality of the facilities or accommodations at the hotel?
How could they be improved? What facilities or accommodations should be added?

5. A Game

Get into groups of four. One person starts and selects a topic and asks the person on his right for a suggestion. When answering, be sure to give a reason why you would go there. After an item
has been selected and answered, put an X in the box. Continue around the table until all the items have been selected.

Work Sheets for facilities and amenities

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