Most hotels have shops of one sort or another in them, and of course guests use these shops to make purchases. There are any number of expressions that are used when shopping. Look at some of these examples.

Expressions- Shopping

Staff Guest
May (can) I be of assistance? How much are the… (blue jeans)?
How can (may) I help you? Could you tell me the price of that … (camera)?
May I assist you? Do you have any…(playing cards)?
Could I help you find something? No thanks, I’m just browsing.
What … ( size do you need)? I …( wear a size 12).
Guest Staff
How much is this cap? That’s… ( $9.99).
How much are these earrings? They are … ( 4500 Baht).
Do you have this in… (a larger size)? I’m sorry, that’s the largest size we carry.
Does this come in … (a different color)? Yes, it also comes in …(green, red, and blue).


Staff: Welcome to THE BOUTIQUE. How may I help you?
Guest: I’m looking for a bathing suit?
Staff: A one piece, two piece, or a bikini?
Guest: A two piece, but not too revealing.
Staff: We have some over here.
Guest: That blue and white polka dot one looks nice. How much is it?
Staff: It’s $75.
Guest: That’s a bit pricey, but I’ll take it.

Staff: Good afternoon, may I be of assistance?
Guest: Yes, how much is the carved elephant?
Staff: That’s 755 Baht.
Guest: Could you tell me what it’s made from?
Staff: That’s made from teak.
Guest: I’ll take it.

Guest: Excuse me, do you have any yellow T-shirts?
Staff: Yes sir, they are right over there.
Guest: Thanks. Do you have any bigger ones?
Staff: Let me check in the back. I’ll return in a moment.
Guest: Thanks.

Staff: Good afternoon, may I be of assistance?
Guest: No thanks, just looking around.
Staff: OK, if you need anything, just let me know.
Guest: Oh, I will.

Practice Conversation Activities- Shopping

1. Role Play

Role play the following situations with a partner, one person taking the role of the guest buying something in a shop and the other person taking the role of a clerk at the shop. The guest should ask questions about price, colors, sizes, what made from, etc.

The guest is looking for the following items

A baseball cap
A T-shirt
A pair of sun glasses
A stone sculpture of Buddha
An audio CD

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