In order to get the most satisfaction (and their money’s worth from their stay) guests make requests. Most of these requests will be reasonable, such as asking for more napkins at a restaurant or having a burnt out light bulb replaced in their room. Some requests may be outrageous and outside the normal service parameters of the hotel. In either case, the requests must to politely listened to and professionally attended to. Look at the examples below of possible requests that a guest may make.

Expressions- Guest Requests

Possible Guest Requests Responses to requests
Could I have another order of garlic toast? Yes sir, I’ll get that right away.
I would like extra soap and shampoo left in the room. Of course sir, I’ll bring some right away
Would it be possible to get a two minute boiled egg? I’ll get right on that.
Could you arrange a tee time of 7:00 AM for four at the Country Club? I’ll attend to that immediately.
The guests in the next room are very noisy. Could we change rooms? Let me check if we hjave any available rooms.
Is it possible to get free samples of all the facial products the spa sells? I’m not sure, let me talk to my supervisor. I’ll be back in a moment.


Guest: Instead of herbal tea, do you happen to have Earl Grey?
Staff: I’m sorry ma’am, but herbal tea is all we have at the moment.

Guest: Could I get some more weights added to this machine. This is no challenge at all.
Staff: I’ll get more weight right away. How much more?

Guest: Could you fill out the form for me. I hurt my writing hand?
Staff: Of course sir. First, how do you spell your family name?

Conversation Activities- Guest Requests

1. Role Play

Role play the following situations with a partner, one person taking the role of the guest and the other person taking the role of a hotel staff.

Guest requests a changing table for a baby
Guest requests that a rental car to be arranged
Guest requests a doubles partners for tennis
Guest requests a spotter for weight lifting
Guest requests an unknown cocktail- the guest will tell the bartender how to make it
Guest requests a birthday cake with nine candles
Guest requests softer pillows
Guest requests that his room be clean only after 3 PM
Guest requests a massage fully clothed
Guest requests a three hour foot massage
Guest requests an omelet with red peppers, Tabasco sauce, and diced carrots
Guest requests his bacon and sausage be almost burnt

2. Group Activity- A Skit

Divide the class into groups of 2 or 3. Students work together to develop a skit that is grammatically correct about guests making requests . Once the skit is developed, students present it to the teacher and the rest of class. The teacher judges the skit based on grammar and language use, originality, and acting ability.

3. Discussion- Requests

Have a discussion about the types of requests guests make. Can most of the requests be accommodated? What is the most unusual request that a guest has made? Are most guests polite when they make requests- or is it more like a demand? If a staff goes above and beyond the normal assigned duties to fulfill a request, how do the quests acknowledge it- do they thank the staff profusely, commend them to their supervisor, give bigger tips?

4. Whole Class Activity- Requests, First to Know

Put the following request items an the board and then read request descriptions. The students listen to the descriptions and determine the request being made. The first person to know the request should race to the board and circle it and put their initials in the circle. The student with the most initials win.

Unsweetened tea
I can’t drink this tea; its’ too sweet.

I want the yellow sauce you put on hamburgers, not ketchup

Ocean view room
All I can see from my room is another building.

A cab
Good choice, they are air conditioned and much safer than motorcycle taxis.

A baby crib
I’m afraid that if she sleeps on the bed she will roll off and hurt herself.

Carrying packages
Thanks, those are much heavier than I thought.

A freshly pressed suit
It’s crucial that I get it done on time, I have a very important meeting in the morning.

Very crispy bacon
I can’t eat it if it has undercooked fat and is limp.

A newspaper delivered to room
I always start the day by completing the daily crossword puzzle.

Extra blankets
It got very cold in the room last night, I could hardly sleep.

Change reservation time
We’ll get back from the tour later than expected and can’t be there at the reserved time.

Housekeeping cleaning later
I’m on vacation and want to sleep until at least 2:00PM everyday.

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