Lesson Plan for Talking about Time


Have you ever been on vacation and lost total track of time, forgetting not only the date, but the day. That’s a
sign of people truly getting away from it all. Hopefully guests will be having such a great time that they may on
occasion ask a staff the day or date. Most of the time, however, the guest may be just asking when specific
restaurants or facilities open or close within the hotel complex. Below are some common expressions used
when talking about days and times.

Expressions Used for Talking about Time

The date is (… January first)
Today’s date is ( the first of January)
It’s 12:45 PM
The time is a quarter to two.
Parson me, do you have the time?
What’s the date today?
Is today the (12th or 13th)?
What times does the (… bus leave)?
What time would you like (…. the reservation)?
What time will you be (… checking in)?
I would like to stay from (… Monday through Thursday).

Days of the week

Monday      Tuesday      Wednesday       Thursday      Friday     Saturday      Sunday

Months of the year

January           February      March           April
May                 June            July               August
September      October       November     December


Spring      Summer      Autumn (fall)      Winter

Dialogue Talking about Days and Time

Guest: Could you tell me the time please?
Staff: It’s twenty after two.

Guest: What’s today’s date?
Staff: It’s March third.

Guest: What time is check out?
Staff: Check out is at 12:00 PM.

Staff: Good afternoon sir. How can I help you?
Guest: I would like to schedule a tennis game.
Staff: Certainly, what day and time would you like that for?
Guest: Do you have time available on Friday morning? About 11:00.
Staff: I’m sorry, we don’t have any openings at 11:00, but there is time between 9:00 and 10:30.
Guest: How about 10:30.
Staff: Yes sir, could I have your name please.
Guest: It’s Howard Johnson, room 1555.
Staff: OK Mr. Johnson, we have you scheduled for Friday at 10:30. See you then.
Guest: Thanks you, bye.

Whole Class Activity- Months of the Year: Elimination Game

Have students say the months of the year around a circle. The beginning person says the first month, the
next person says the next month, etc. Each person has 3 seconds to say the name of the month. If they
are incorrect or take longer than 3 seconds to respond, they are out of the game. Go until only one
person is left.

For added difficulty, vary the game a little by stating a month (it’s March now) and asking what month is
3 months from now or 4 months ago. You may want to add a little more time here, say 6 seconds
to respond.

** This activity can also be done for the days of the week.

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