Lesson Plan for Introductions


In normal social situations, to continue an interaction after a greeting, it is customary for people to make introductions by giving their names to each other (assuming of course they are meeting for the first time).

But remember, that not all hotel employees would normally exchange names with a guest. For example, a bell
man would not usually tell a guest his name, but a waitress in a restaurant may, as part of the standard
restaurant greeting (such as “Welcome to the Beef House. My name is Rebecca and I’ll be your waitress
tonight”). Guest service representatives who interact with VIP guests may be more inclined to make a formal
introduction as part of the extended service provided VIP’s.

Dialogue for Introducing Yourself

Staff: Hello, I’m Ms. Jabdee.
Guest: Hello, Ms. Jandee, I’m Susan Appleton.

Guest: My name is John Grey.
Staff: Nice to meet you Mr. Grey, I’m Mrs. Sukjoy.

Guest: I’m George Franks. What’s your name?
Staff: My name is Sopida, Sopida Hakam. It’s a pleasure to meet you Mr. Franks.

Guest: Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Frank Jeffers.
Staff: I delighted to meet you Mr. Jeffers. My name is Pornpan Orasa.

This last example is a very formal introduction and would not be used unless meeting a very, very important
person in a very formal situation (such as a ball in the government mansion while meeting the governor).

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