Lesson Plan for Greetings and Farewells to Hotel Guests

First impressions last a life time, or at least until the guests check out, so it is important to make a good
first impression. There are numerous expressions that can be used when first greeting hotel guests. Some are
very formal and appropriate for greeting guests and some are more informal and should only be used
with friends or co-workers. Obviously, employees of the hotel industry should use the more formal
expressions, however the less formal expressions will also be presented to give learners a well
balanced repertoire to choose from.

English Expressions for Greeting Hotel Guests

Formal Expressions

Good morning (sir/ma’am)
Good afternoon (sir/ma’am). Welcome to (name of hotel/shop, etc)
Good evening (sir/ma’am)
How are you this morning (afternoon, evening, today)?

Less Formal Expressions

What’s up?
How’s it going?

Of course, after the greeting, the dialogue must be continued, and what is said then depends on the
situation. When interacting with hotel guests that continued interaction usually involves determining
what the guest wants or needs. A couple of standards that can be used in the hotel industry are:

How can I help you today Ma’am (sir)?
Can I be of assistance?
How may I assist you?
May I assist you with anything?
What can I do for you today?

English Dialogue for Greeting Guests

Staff: Good morning Ma’am. Welcome to the (…Spa)
Guest: Thank you.

Staff: How can I help you today?
Guest: I’m here for a (….massage).

Expressions for Farewells

More Formal expressions

Thank you for coming. Have a pleasant day.
Goodbye, please come again.
Goodbye, I hope to see you again.

Less Formal Goodbyes

See you later (soon)       So long
Good bye                        Bye
I have to run                    I have to be going now
Catch you later               Later
See you again                Please come again

The informal expressions above can be used among friends and co-workers, but would be too informal
to use with guests.

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