Lesson Plan for Guest’s Requests


In order to get the most satisfaction (and theirs money’s worth from their stay) guests make requests. Most requests by guests will be reasonable, such as asking for more napkins at a restaurant or having a burnt out light bulb replaced in their room. Some requests may be outrageous and outside the normal service parameters of the hotel. In either case, the requests must to politely listened to and professionally attended to. Look at the examples below of possible requests that a guest may make.

Expressions Used for Making Requests

Possible guest’s request

Request: Could I have another order of garlic toast?
Response: Yes sir, I’ll take care of that right away.

Request: I would like extra soap and shampoo left in the room.
Response: I’ll attend to that immediately.

Requests: Would it be possible to get a two minute boiled egg?
Response: Of course sir, I’ll be back with that item in a few minutes.

Request: Could you arrange a tee time of 7:00 AM for four at the Country Club?
Response: Of course sir, what is the name of your party.

Requests: The guests in the next room are very noisy. Could we change rooms?
Response: I’m not sure, let me talk to my supervisor. I’ll be back in a moment.

Request: Is it possible to get free samples of all the facial products the spa sells?
Response:Certainly ma’am, which products would you like?

Dialogue for Guests Requests

Guest: Instead of herbal tea, do you happen to have Earl Grey?
Staff: I’m sorry ma’am, but herbal tea is all we have at the moment.

Guest: Could I get some more weights added to this machine. This is no challenge at all.
Staff: I’ll get more weight right away. How much more?

Guest: Could you fill out the form for me. I hurt my writing hand?
Staff: Of course sir. First, how do you spell your family name?

Group Activity- A Skit for Making Requests

Divide the class into groups of 2 or 3. Students work together to develop a skit that is grammatically
correct about guests making requests . Once the skit is developed, students present it to the teacher
and the rest of class. The teacher judges the skit based on grammar and language use, originality,
and acting ability.

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