Lesson Plan for Asking for Help


As a member of the hotel industry you will inevitably find yourself in a situation that requires you to offer
help or assistance to a guest. This situation may present itself as an absolute necessity or one of simply
polite behavior. In either case, knowing what to say in those situations will hold you in good stead with
the guests. At times, you will be in situations that you will offer your help and at other times you may be
asked to respond to a guest that has requested help. Look at the expressions below that cover both

Expressions for Asking for or Offering Help

When offering help When asking for help

Would you like some help? Could you give me a hand?
Can I give you a hand? Would you mind helping me out?
Do you need any help? Could you help me please?
May I offer my assistance? I need some assistance please.
Need any help?

Dialogue for asking for Help

When offering help

Staff: Excuse me ma’am, Could I help you with your bags?
Guest: That would be great thanks.

Staff: Pardon me sir, but it likes like you could use some help with those packages.
Guest: I sure could, thanks.

When responding to help

Guest: Excuse me, but can you help me?
Staff: Of course ma’am, what can I do for you?
Guest: Someone just stole my purse off my shoulder outside the hotel.
Staff: Are you OK?
Guest: Yes, just shaken up a bit.
Staff: Why don’t you sit down here and I’ll call the police for you.
Guest: Thank you; I appreciate your help.

Guest: I don’t understand what the taxi driver is trying to say. Could you translate for me?
Staff: Of course sir, I’d be delighted to help.

Group Activity- Giving Help and Advice: A Skit

Divide the class into groups of 2 or 3. Students work together to develop a skit about offering assistance
that is grammatically correct. Once the skit is developed, students present it to the teacher and the rest
of class. The teacher judges the skit based on grammar and language use, originality, and acting ability.

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