Lesson plan for Giving Compliments


Everyone likes to hear compliments. Compliments make people feel good about themselves, and we all
need that at times. Hotel guests and staff are no exceptions. Guests may give hotel staff compliments for
the quality of their service, for their English ability, for their appearance in an unique uniform, or for
doing something a little extra for the guest.

A hotel staff may give a guest a compliment about how they look in a newly purchased outfit, or for
their patience when a problem arises, or for a beautiful new hair style after visiting a beauty parlor.

Look at the expressions below that can be used when giving compliments and responding to compliments.

Expressions Used to Give Compliments

Giving complements

That’s a very nice …(dress).
Great job on the …(presentation).
You look very good in … (that new hair-do).
This dish is delicious, my compliments to the chef.
That … (tie) looks great on you.

Responses to compliments

How kind of you to say so.
Thank you.
I’m glad you like it.

Dialogues about Giving Compliments

Staff: What a beautiful dress, Ms. Elliot.
Guest: Thanks, I’m glad you like it.

Staff: Your new hair-do looks absolutely gorgeous, Mrs. Simpson.
Guest: How kind of you to say so.

Guest: My compliments to the chef. This linguine is superb.
Staff: Thank you ma’am. I’ll be sure to let the chef know.

Guest: Your English is very good.
Staff: Thank you very much.

Staff: Excellent game Mr. Johnson. You really gave me a workout.
Guest: Thanks, I guess all those private lessons are finally paying off.

Guest: I really appreciate all the extra work you did on helping us solve that problem. It
    truly went above and beyond. My compliments to your work ethic.
Staff: Thank you sir, how kind of you to say so.

Group Activity- Giving Compliments: A Skit

Divide the class into groups of 2 or 3. Students work together to develop a skit that is grammatically correct about guests complimenting staff for something. Staff should be very humble, but the guests should continue to lavish compliments on the staff. Once the skit is developed, students present it to the teacher and the rest of class. The teacher judges the skit based on language, grammar use, originality, and acting ability. Be creative and have fun!

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