Lesson Plan for Agreeing/Disagreeing


After expressing an opinion other people can either agree or disagree. Look at these expressions for
doing just that.

Expressions for Agreeing and Disagreeing


I think you’re right.                                                 I think you’re wrong about that
I believe so too.                                                     I don’t believe so.
I agree.                                                                  I disagree.
I’ll go along with that.                                             I can’t go along with that.
I concur.                                                                I beg to differ.
I’m with you.                                                          We don’t see eye to eye on that

Dialogue about Agreeing and Disagreeing

Guest: I think Patong Beach is the best beach on the Island.
Staff: Personally, I prefer Surin Beach, it’s quieter usually.

Guest: I think my kids would really enjoy elephant trekking.
Staff: From what I’ve seen of them, I think they are a little old for that and would find it boring.

Guest: I think that Thailand should legalize gambling?
Staff: Actually I do too, I think it would generate more tourist dollars and a lot more income for the

Staff: Thai boxing is such a savage and brutal sport.
Guest: I don’t think it’s any worse than boxing.

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