Lesson Plan for Giving Advice


Guest, many times being in foreign countries and unfamiliar cultures, may need some advice or suggestions
in certain situations. It is only natural that they would seek assistance for the hotel staff. Giving sound
advice and suggestions to guest when needed can make the difference between an OK vacation and a
great one. There are several expressions that can be used when asking for or giving advice and suggestions.
Look at the examples below.

Expressions Used for Offering or Giving Advice

When asking for advice
What do you think I should do?
What would you do in my shoes?
Do you have any ideas about what to do?
What would you suggest?
Can you think of anything that might help?

When giving advice
Why don’t you (…. take a taxi instead, it’s faster.)
Have you thought about (…. getting some medicine at the pharmacy)?
I think you should ( …. see a doctor).
Have you considered ( …. the local markets? Sometimes they have great deals).
One option may be to (…. call you embassy).

When responding to advice
That’s a good idea.
That might work. I hadn’t thought of that.
Maybe you’re right.
Thanks for the advice.
Thanks, I’ll try that.

Dialogue for Giving Advice

Guest: That food was really spicy and upset my stomach.
Staff: Maybe you should get some medicine at a pharmacy.
Guest: That’s a good idea. Thanks.

Guest: That woman looks angry. Did I do something wrong?
Staff: Actually sir, that gesture you used is considered very rude in our culture.
Guest: I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend anyone. What should I do in that situation?
Staff: Using this gesture instead is appropriate.
Guest: Thanks for the advice.

Guest: I can’t seem to find any of the souvenirs I want at the mall. I can’t go home empty handed. Do
    you know where I could go?
Staff: Have you considered shopping at the traditional open market. It has hundred of items to chose
    from and the prices are usually cheaper than in the mall.
Guest: Thanks, I’ll try that.

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